WAG Ontario Championships

The WAG Ontario Championships are being held this week in Windsor, Ontario from April 3 to 6. The Alliston Nikolettes competing in this year’s Ontario Championships are as follows:

Juliana Abas, Level 8 Age 12/13

Julia Bullied, Level 7 Age 12/13

Ashlyn Christos, Level 6 Age 15+

Camryn Gibson, Level 6 Age 13

Jocelyn Ruhl, Level 6 Age 11

Julia Davey, Level 5 Age 14+

Kate Beausaert, Level 5 Age 12

These athletes will be coached by Rod Hounsell and Brenda Daly.

You can find the schedule and list of athletes at http://www.gymnasticsontario.ca/event/wag-ontario-championships/

and stay up to date on all the action at https://www.beyondthescores.com/competitions

We wish all our athletes and coaches a great week of competition!