TRA and TUM Provincial Championships – April 9-12

Just Bounce Trampoline Club Inc. is hosting the 2014-15 TRA and TUM Provincial Championships in Scarborough this coming weekend.

Trampoline athletes participating at championships are Sarah Tobin, Level 2, Kenna Iddison-Level 2, Keira Christos, Level 1, Abby Foerster, Level 1, and Abigaelle Sylvain, Level 1.

Power Tumblers participating in championships are Rachel Nicoletto, Level 4, Trisha Aube, Level 2, Reilly Giffen, Level 2 and Gwen Hunt, Level 1. Rachel and Reilly have also qualified to be on Team Ontario at Eastern Championships.

Good luck to All TRA and TUM Athletes and coach Marty Shiffman!

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Previously at the 3rd Ontario Cup



Level 1 age 11/12 prelims – Gwen Hunt 19th

Level 2 age 14 & under – Reilly Griffen 3rd

Level 4 prelims – Rachel Nicoletto 8th and 9th in the finals


L1 mens age 12 & under – Nathan Warnaar – 9th

L1 age 9/10 – Abigaille Sylvain 6th

L1 age 9/10 – Keira Christos 9th

L1 age 14 prelims – Abby Foerster 8th

L2 age 13/14 prelims – Kenna Iddison 10th

L2 age 13/14 prelims – Sarah Tobin 18th

Syncronized Trampoline:

L2 mixed – Kenna Iddison & Sarah Tobin – 11th