Competitive WAG

Entry into these classes are by tryouts or by recommendation from coaching staff only. Tryouts for competitive teams are now ongoing. Please contact the gym to schedule your tryout at (705) 435-5294 or email:

5 – 7 hr Beginner Team
Non Competitive Athletes will explore all that competitive programming offers by developing a strong understanding of basics through advanced strength, flexibility and conditioning programs. The coaches will be targeting skills for requirements needed in preparation for competition in the future. Athletes, if ready (at the coaches discretion) may compete at the Alliston Invitational  meet held in May.  Cangym reconciliation to earn badges will continue in this program. 2 days per week, 10 month commitment

Pre Competitive
Introduction to a more challenging program with emphasis on strength, flexibility and body awareness with strong basics for skill development.  Athlete may participate at 1 or 2 ODP competitions per year if ready. 4-8 hours/week for ages 5 & 6, 12 month commitment.

Pre Competitive Advanced
Continued emphasis on strength, flexibility, shaping and positioning for advanced skill development.  Will participate at 1 to 2 ODP competitions per year if ready. 9 year olds, if ready will have the opportunity to compete and show routines at Invitational Meets.   12-16 hours a week for 7 – 9 year olds, 12 month commitment.

Inter Club Levels 1 – 5
A program for gymnasts who demonstrate the willingness to compete.  They will train on all apparatus while improving strength, flexibility with more conditioning to enhance form and technique. Coaches work with athletes to create gymnastics routines for participation at Invitational meets.  Athletes will compete at 2 to 3 meets per year on coach’s recommendation, if ready. Ages 7 – 14+.  8 – 12 hours per week, 12 month commitment.

Competitive Level 5 & 6 Provincial
A demanding program for skill development.  Athletes will compete if ready at three Provincial Qualifiers at the coach’s discretion.  Emphasis will be on conditioning, performance and mental preparedness,  12 month commitment.

Competitive Levels 6 – 9 Provincial
Intense discipline level for maximum skill challenge. Athletes will attend mandatory Qualifiers and Provincial Meets on recommendation of coach. There may be Evaluation / Tryouts annually for group determination. Athletes must maintain level of expectation in the program.  16+ hours for ages 9 & up or by recommendation, 12 month commitment.

Competitive National Program
Selected athletes.  By recommendation only.  Will be asked to train up to 25 hours per week in readiness to compete at selected camps and competitions to represent the Alliston Nikolettes G.C. in the National stream.

* A Gymnastics Ontario Membership fee applies to all programs. The fee varies depending on the level of the athlete and is non-refundable.

Please contact Brenda Daly, Head Coach, at 705-435-5294 for details regarding days and times.