3rd and Final Ontario Cup of the season for T & T

This weekend is the 3rd and final Ontario Cup of the competitive season for our Tumbling and Trampoline (T & T) Athletes. They are headed to Whitby as Anti-Gravity AcroSports is hosting this weekend’s event.

Tumbling Athletes include:

Gwen H., Tumbling level 1

Trisha A., Tumbling level 2

Reilly G., Tumbling level 2 and

Rachel N., Tumbling level 4

Trampoline Athletes include:

Abigaelle Sylvain, Level 1

Keira Christos, Level 1

Abby Foerster, Level 1

Kenna Iddison, Level 2

Sarah Tobin, Level 2

Nathan Warnaar, Mens Level 1 and

Kenna Iddison and Sarah Tobin Synchro Mixed Level 2

T & T athletes are required to attend 2 Ontario Cups in order to qualify for provincial championships. T & T athletes perform passes in tumbling and routines in trampoline with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the level. Each discipline and level has a provincial qualifying score which athletes need to achieve in order to qualify for provincial championships. So once an athlete achieves that qualifying score or higher he/she is eligible for championships. Our athletes will be striving for personal bests as they compete this weekend. Good luck to Coach Marty and all competing athletes!