2nd WAG Qualifier of the Competitive Season

The second WAG Provincial Qualifier of the season for our athletes is this weekend in Milton at the Milton Springers Gymnastics Club. Our athletes look to build on the success of their first qualifier. The following is a list of our competing athletes and levels.

Level 9 – Juliana A. (Age 12/13)

Level 8 – Camryn G. (Age 14)

Level 7 – Jocelyn R. (Age 12/13), Julia B. (Age 14/15)., Ashlyn C. (Age 16+), and Julia D. (Age 16+)

Level 6 – Aubrey K. (Age 10), Amanda B. (Age 12), Kate B. (Age 13), and Cassidy M. (Age 13)

Level 5 – Wren P. (Age 10), Makenna G. (Age 11), Kendra M. (Age 12) and Sarah M. (Age 11)

The schedule is available at the gym club or online at www.gymnasticsontario.ca/calendar/ . Results are available at beyondthescores.com

Good luck to everyone!