1st T&T Ontario Cup Results

Sixteen of our talented T&T athletes recently competed in the 1st Ontario Cup. This event, hosted by Airborne Trampoline, and held at York University is the 1st of 3 qualifying meets for our Trampoline and Tumbling athletes. T& T athletes are required to earn a qualifying score at one of the Ontario Cup’s in order to qualify for championships. Qualifying score depends on Level and Age.

Here are the T&T results from the 1st Cup:

Tumbling Athletes:

Rachel Nicoletto, Level P4 – 6th place

Rhys Turai, P2, Age 15+ – 3rd place

Meg Turai, P1, Ages 11-12 – 18th place

Mairin Duffy, P1, Ages 9-10 – 8th place

Makenna Hare, P1, Ages 13+ – 24th place

Makenna Mason, P1, Age 11-12 -16th place

Reilly Giffen and Makena Oswin did not compete.


Trampoline Athletes:

Kenna Iddison Level P2, Age 15 – 6th place

Abby Foerster P2, Age 15 – 14th place

Rhiannon Corbin, P1, Age 13-14 – 21st place

Keira Christos, P1, Age 9-10 – 9th place

Abigaelle Sylvain, P1, Ages 11-12 – 15th place

Raphaelle Sylvain, P1, Age 9-10 – 7th place

Bryn Hazell, P1, Ages 11-12 – 10th place

Chelsey Marche, P1, Ages 13-14 – 5th place

Kaitlyn Bos, P1, Ages 11-12 – 7th place

Sabina Czachor, P1, Ages 15+ – 17th place


Congratulations to all of our athletes! Good luck with 2nd Cup qualifying.